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SHUTER is a manufacturer of storage products in Taiwan and a pioneer of workspaces torage solutions.

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22Mar 2022
SHUTER new toolbox member-TB-9 small toolbox launched

SHUTER has launched its all new toolbox product TB-9 in March of 2022. SHUTER TB-9 small tool box comes with a lighter weight make it easy to carry. It’s absolutely a great tool box for hand tool storage, stationery storage, shoe cleaning tool storage, camping tool storage, inspection tool storage and cosmetic storage.

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18Mar 2022
Statement for Sale and Distribution of SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd. Products in India

SHUTER Enterprises Co., Ltd is a proudly Taiwanese-owned and founded company. We have been committed to designing and manufacturing medical, industrial, household, office, stationery, and other storage products since our establishment in 1969. We work hard to ensure all products sold under SHUTER Enterprise brands meet stringent quality and safety standards.SHUTER Enterprise sells our own-brand storage products worldwide under our official, company-owned brand, SHUTER. SHUTER products entered the broader Indian market in 2008, and businesses quickly adopted the brand in a range of industries—in particular, the medical sector. SHUTER Enterprise appreciates the support of our dedicated customer base in India. We also work hard to understand the needs of our numerous distributors and other partners working to sell and market our brands and products across India.As an OBM-OEM integrated company, SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd must control the quality of the parts and products leaving our factory floor. As such, this statement declares that SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd will continue to offer consumers SHUTER branded storage products only through legally authorised distributors, dealers, and partners in India. To ensure the product you are purchasing is supplied by an authorised dealer, look for the SHUTER distribution authorisation certificate on their website or ask the dealer to provide you with a copy of the certificate. This will ensure the product you are purchasing is an official SHUTER product.All SHUTER branded products are produced in Taiwan. We have no production capabilities outside of Taiwan and do not partner with any manufacturing complexes or factories outside of Taiwan. Therefore, any SHUTER products made outside of Taiwan are illegal products infringing on copyright, quality, and safety laws and standards.SHUTER has only one official website catering to the global market (including India): We have never authorised any distributor in India to register websites with the word “SHUTER” and the domain “.in.” To ensure you’re purchasing original SHUTER products, please visit a SHUTER authorised distributor or contact us via our official website (listed above) or through the below contact details. If you believe you have purchased an unlawful SHUTER product or have any other questions, please contact the SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd team at or +886-49-2009620.YIRA WU CEO of SHUTER ENTERPRISE CO., LTD

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16Sep 2021
SHUTER all new stackable toolbox TB-1 is proudly launched in September 2021

SHUTER, the first company create and manufacture the toolbox with ABS material has just launced an all new stackable toolbox TB-1. This is a whole new toolbox with stackable design. SHUTER's excellent engineer team has created a great latch mechansim with patent enable users to stack and secure the boolboxes in 0.5 sec. The loading capacity of the toolbox is up 35 kgs and the bearing loading of the toolbox structure is up to 100 kgs for heavy duty application. Besides, there's a great variety of accessories options like tabletop, customized liners, side bags to make TB-1 unqiue and multifunctional to store your gears and tools in safe and style..

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16Sep 2021
MECT 2021 in Japan

SHUTER's agent in Japan RECO SUPPORT Co. Ltd レコサポート株式会社 is going to attend MECT 2021 exibition at booth number 1B04 of "first exibition hall" during October 20-23. Please visit our agent's booth to explore SHUTER's quality and durable industrial storage products. Please visit for more information and you could contact RECO at for more SHUTER's product information.

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15Mar 2021
SHUTER in TIMTOS 2021 online

The renowned Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS), has creatively transformed the TIMTOS 2021 Online, a customized and user-friendly virtual platform. Launched from March 15 to 20, TIMTOS 2021 Online is highly anticipated to break through time and space constraints and expand digital business opportunities with global visitors through various interaction tools.

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26Feb 2021
Taipei International Furniture Show (TIFS) 2021

As the whole world is experiencing economic slowdown caused by Covid 19 pandemic, the focus of furniture industry has been gradually shifted to South East Asia market that has done well with controlling the situation such as Taiwan. SHUTER takes part in Taipei International Furniture Show (TIFS) 2021. We showcase our products of storage and organizer there.You are welcome to visit our booth at B328, we are looking forward to our meeting there.

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09Feb 2021
Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!! This year is the Year of the Ox. In the East, the ox has the meaning of strength, dependability, diligence, determination, persistence, and honesty.

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27Jan 2021
Head office relocation

We are very glad to inform you that SHUTER moves our head office to new Bubbuza Dreamfactory in Nantou, Taiwan and starts to work in new site location from January 27, 2021.

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30Dec 2020
Babbuza Dreamfactory wins DFA Awards

The DFA Design for Asia Awards is a stage upon which design talents and corporations can showcase their design projects internationally.Congratulation!! Babbuza Dreamfactory earned SHUTER the DFA design for Asia Awards 2020 (Environmental design 2020).

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27Nov 2020
SHUTER is certified to ISO 14051:2011

We are glad to announce that SHUTER is just certified to ISO 14051 (MFCA: Material Flow Cost Accounting).

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23Oct 2020
SHUTER B2B Newsletter

At the end of 2020, SHUTER newsletter is out, you can get more information about our latest activity, hot products, factory movement and so much more.

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14Oct 2020
SHUTER in Taiwan Hardware Show 2020

Now, SHUTER is in Taiwan Hardware Show.

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05Oct 2020
Taiwan Hardware Show 2020

SHUTER will take part in Taiwan Hardware Show which will take place on 3 days in Taichung. SHUTER will showcase our RC heavy duty storage shelves and CT professional ultra heavy duty cart. You're welcome to visit us.

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24Jun 2020
SHUTER Babbuza Dreamfactory Nears Completion

Since the ground-breaking ceremony in August 2017, SHUTER Babbuza Dreamfactory has slowly risen from the fertile earth of the mountains surrounding Nantou, Taiwan’s most centrally located city.

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06Apr 2020
SHUTER is Fully Operational: COVID-19 Notice

With the COVID-19 pandemic shuttering the doors of manufacturers around the globe, we want to let everyone know that the SHUTER Enterprise factory is still running at full capacity.

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23Sep 2019
SHUTER Babbuza Dreamfactory Beam Raising Ceremony

As 150 SHUTER Enterprise staff and invited guests gathered at factory construction site in the hills overlooking Nantou City. They were there to witness one of the most important events in the factory’s history: the blessing, signing, raising, and placement of the final steel construction beam.

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01Jan 1970
01Jan 1970
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Industrial and Workspace Storage Solutions Pioneer | SHUTER

Located in Taiwan, SHUTER Enterprise Co. Ltd, since 1969, is a tool and workspace storage product and system supplier. Main product, including office storage system, CNC tool storage, tool cabinet, tool box, tool chest, locker and so forth.

SHUTER designs industrial tool and office storage products from customers' point-of-view: ­by finding the simplest way to build an ideal home. With 100 - 1,000 ton injection molding machines operating 24 hours a day alongside over 50 punching and bending machines used to conduct high-quality storage products.

SHUTER has been offering customers high-quality industrial tools and office storage systems since 1969, both with advanced technology and 52 years of experience, SHUTER ensures each customer's demands are met.

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