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    SHUTER Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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    Industrial and Workspace Storage Solutions Pioneer | Shuter

    Located in Taiwan, Shuter Enterprise Co. Ltd., since 1969, is a tool and workspace storage product and system supplier. Main product, including office storage system, CNC tool storage, tool cabinet, tool box, tool chest, locker and so forth.

    SHUTER designs industrial tool and office storage products from customers' point-of-view: ­by finding the simplest way to build an ideal home. With 100 - 1,000 ton injection molding machines operating 24 hours a day alongside over 50 punching and bending machines used to conduct high-quality storage products.

    Shuter has been offering customers high-quality industrial tools and office storage systems since 1969, both with advanced technology and 17 years of experience, Shuter ensures each customer's demands are met.

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